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Diversity Around Europe

15/02/2014 – 23/02/2014 Norfolk International Projects (NIP) hosted special needs exchange. Young people from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Bulgaria took part in workshops to promote young people’s active citizenship, to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, to encourage cooperation in the youth field and to make awareness of […]

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Youth Exchange Report: Poland 2013

EARTH FOR MAN – YOUTH FOR EARTH  On 7th October 2013 a group of five young people (plus one leader) went on an exchange to Długopole Górne, Poland with similar groups from Poland, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Portugal and Turkey. With a wide range of ages it was clear at the […]

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Youth Exchange Report: Belarus 2013

Belarus is my first exchange and I must say I really wasn’t sure what to expect. But it did exceed my expectations.  The activities were amazing, for three days of the week we were invited to visit an orphanage and we had the change to do practical work i.e. paint […]

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Chief Executive’s Report Autumn 2013

Norfolk International Projects has formed an umbrella organisation called Norfolk Youth Projects. We are now a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. This will enable us to have charity status. Norfolk Youth Projects will now be the governing body responsible for office, accommodation, insurance, mini bus and staff. Norfolk International Projects will continue […]

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Youth Exchange Report England April 2013

As a participant who goes on the youth exchanges I can say that I thoroughly enjoy them. I have only been on two and my first one was in February, and my second one was in April both were two very different exchanges one was about culture and the other […]

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Chief Executive’s Report Summer 2013

Over the last few months we have hosted 2 very successful Cultural Youth Exchanges involving 7 other countries. These were very enjoyable and educational projects with our partners looking to meet up again next year in one of their countries. At present we have 6 young people preparing to go […]

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Youth Exchange: February 2010

Youth Exchange February 2010

On the 13th February 2010 a Youth Exchange with Special Needs Young People started at Eccles Hall School. During the 9 days full of workshops, excursions and games everybody had a really great time.

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Rouen Exchange 2009 – Tolerance and Integration in Sport

Rouen Exchange 2009

The Cultural Youth Exchange in Rouen was the fourth leg of a set of Exchanges based around Norwich’s twinnings, with previous exchanges in Norwich, Novi Sad, and Koblenz. This Exchange involved around 45 young people from France, Germany, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovinia and of course, Norwich, and the 11 days were centred around the topic of Tolerance and Integration in Sport.

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