Youth Exchange Report England April 2013


As a participant who goes on the youth exchanges I can say that I thoroughly enjoy them. I have only been on two and my first one was in February, and my second one was in April both were two very different exchanges one was about culture and the other was about the environment.

The exchange I will be talking about is the one I done in April. The countries that participated were Germany, Poland, turkey, Bulgaria and United Kingdom.

The exchange took place in Eccles school Norfolk where you stay for 10 days. It’s the perfect spot for exchanges as it’s very spacious and there are many different rooms where different activities take place.

IMG_0952As this was an exchange to do with the environment the different activities we done were things like in different groups we got given a topic to write about and to do creative drawings/collages to explain what we think the topic is about for example climate change.

We also had a speaker come in from NEAD who then got us involved in all kinds of activities which we all enjoyed. We also had a trip out to how hill where we got to go on a boat trip and plant some willow trees which will be used later on to

 make willow baskets. We also had a trip to

London where we walked round as a whole group to see the different sites like Buckingham palace and a day in Norwich where we got into small groups and  done a treasure hunt to show participants the city.


All the different activities that you get involved in all contribute to different life skills that will come in handy later on in your life for example team building.

I feel that the youth exchanges are a rewarding experience as you get to met many new people from around the world and can end up becoming good friends with some and keeping in touch once the exchanges are over.