Chief Executive’s Report Summer 2013

Over the last few months we have hosted 2 very successful Cultural Youth Exchanges involving 7 other countries. These were very enjoyable and educational projects with our partners looking to meet up again next year in one of their countries.

At present we have 6 young people preparing to go to one of Norwich’s twin cities Novi Sad to take part in a cultural youth exchange other countries involved are France, Bosnia and Italy later on in July.

We also have 15 young people preparing to go to Belarus to take part in a project with 15 young people from Belarus, Russia and Netherlands this project is from 19 the 29 July. While in Belarus we will be working for 3 days in an orphanage.

NIP are also hosting a cultural youth exchange in Norfolk from 27 August to 5 September with our partners being Georgia, Azerbaijan and The Netherlands.

Norfolk international Projects is also a sending and hosting organisation for the European Voluntary Service. Through this programme we can send volunteers abroad for up to 12 months or host them in Norfolk. This is all fully funded including insurance and some spending money. At present we have 2 volunteers based at The New Eccles Hall School. They finish their placement at the end of July they are being replaced by a young man from NoviSad and a young lady from Essen, Germany . We also have a volunteer at the Hamlet Centre and one in our organisation.

So if you would like to take part in a voluntary placement abroad please contact us so we can work towards a placement suitable for you.

We are at present working on many new projects within our organisation is would like to get involved or know more about these please again contact us.

John Nooney