Peruvian Tailored Adventures

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UK Schools

UK Individuals

Non-UK Schools or Organisations

UK Schools and Organisations
Are you a UK school or organisation interesting in creating an exchange partnership or trip to Peru?

We offer tailor designed packages to suit your specifications using our personal links to organisations, schools and clubs in Peru.

Our exchanges give your students an authentic insight into a new country, filled with shared learning and educating, new friendships, cultural activities, work experience, volunteering and travelling.

What you get from us

Below are the services we provide but are not limited to this list, particularly as each exchange is unique and has different tailored needs.

• Partnering your school with the appropriate organisations/schools/services/community groups/sports clubs/NGOs etc. depending on what you are looking for.

• Creating a development plan for realising your exchange objectives

• Facilitating contact with the necessary partners including translation and interpreting services where needed

• Guiding a recce visit to the location in order to meet partners and risk assess trip

• Providing key information about cultural sensitivity, health and safety, language, area etc.

• Providing resources such as power points/leaflets/assemblies and talks for students, parents and teachers

• Support with fundraising activities

• Support with risk assessment, health and safety and language planning.

• Expert advice on voluntourism where volunteer projects are included

• Extra Spanish speaking staff with expert knowledge of area available to go on exchange with school

• On-going support and communication facilitation with all partners

• Support with arranging travel, transport, accommodation, extra trips, and activities.

• Costing of operations including our fee. As a charity, this fee goes towards ensuring our staff are able to carry out such work and into keeping our charity running and continuing its work with young people.

Ethics and Values

 Our projects are based on the premise that all students, teachers and partners from both countries have skills and qualities to share and learn from that will add much value to the other’s experience. Key to our work is the values of partnership and mutual respect with all stakeholders to ensure all are able to learn, share and develop.

How to proceed

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of a school/sports club/professional/ organisation/ personal exchange with the equivalent in Peru, contact us here and we will respond with a Skype or personal meeting request to look at viability and options.

Please note that we will cost up the exchange once we have been able to meet with you and create the tailored package. Schools may take different routes in paying for exchange costs. Examples may include 1. Individual children paying to be on the trip or fundraising to take part 2. An interviewed selection of students to become the exchange team and fundraise altogether 3. The school looking at alternative funding options that are available to them. We are happy to help support and provide extra assistance with fundraising initiatives.

UK Individuals

Are you planning…

 a gap year?

 a university year abroad?

 a career break?

 a trip to experience life abroad?

Do you want to…

 live in a new and exciting culture?

 get work experience in another country?

 learn a new language?

 Spend time volunteering? 

Our coordinator has extensive experience living and working in Peru. Using an established network of partners, we provide you with a wide variety of options that ensure you have a truly authentic experience and integrate into your surroundings. We are able to offer you thorough support in preparing for safety and security, how to plan financially, and expertise in the area of voluntourism, so you know what to consider before choosing to volunteer abroad.

We are right for you if you want

 To have an authentic experience

 To assimilate into the local culture

 To learn new skills including learning to speak new languages

 To build relationships with local people

 To receive expert advice on how to volunteer abroad in a positive and effective way

 To put your personal skills to use

 To ensure you achieve your personal goals

 To see and experience those special things that tourists never get to access

Where can you go?

The majority of our trips are based in Arequipa, Lima and the Cotahuasi canyon.

What can you do?

 Live with a family

 Integrate into the local community with our “buddy” scheme

 Volunteer

 Get work experience

 Teach a skill

 Learn local languages

 Learn a new skill; from cookery to dance to sports!

 Take a course or teach your own

 And many more; because what activities you do are up to you! This trip is your creation so whether you want to spend a month learning Peruvian cookery, trekking until you drop, learning Spanish or becoming a proficient salsa dancer we can make it happen.

What other support do we provide?

Financial Planning support: we help you to effectively budget for your trip, ensure you’ve considered all costs and understand local prices so that you know how much to expect to pay for every day needs.

Language planning support:  we take into account your Spanish level to make sure activities are appropriate, and can arrange language classes and/or bilingual in country support too.

Health and safety information: each area of Peru has different health and safety concerns that vary from location to location. We help you understand how to safeguard your health and personal security whilst away.

In country welcome and support staff: in-country bilingual representatives are there to meet you at the airport, check in with you throughout your trip and be a point of contact for any issues or support you need.

Expert advice on ethical volunteering: We advocate for volunteering that acknowledges that the volunteer benefits from the interaction just as much or if not more than the recipient. With this in mind, our opportunities are based around skill swap activities. Examples include buddying up with a local university student to do a language exchange or teaching sessions of a sport you play in a local primary school whilst you get leadership experience.

Initial consultations

In this free consultation you get the opportunity to decide whether what we do works for you. During consultation, you will give us information on

 How long you want to go for

 What you want to achieve

 Any concerns or worries in going abroad

 How you would like to spend your time

 What hobbies, skills and strengths you have

 How you would ideally like to integrate into your surrounding

 Any other information that you think is important in planning YOUR trip

Using this information together we will be able to create a programme that suits you.  We will provide you with a package price that includes any trips, accommodation, travel or activities booked as well as the fee to our organisation. As a charity the fee we charge goes into paying our staff, sustaining our organisation and is invested back into providing more services for young people in Norfolk.

Interested? Contact us Email our Latin American exchanges coordinator  here for more information or to set up an initial consultation with us which is usually conducted over Skype.