EVS Diary: Sarah

On one hand I can’t believe that I’ve already been here for over 3 months because it still feels like I just arrived. However I already feel home here in beautiful Norwich on the other hand. I was busy most of the time, taking part in youth exchanges and travelling through England what probably made my time here pass by so fast.

EVS Sarah London

Cambridge and Oxford as well as London were great cities to visit and I’ve always had lots of fun there with the people I’ve been with. However Norwich is still keeping up with all the others. It is just such a lovely place with all the nice little cafes, the colourful market and the churches all over the city. For me, it is exactly what I would imagine a typical clichéd British city looks like.

Some days ago I was sitting on our sofa in our EVS-flat, drinking a tee when I suddenly realised how happy I am right now being an EVS here. I made some really good friends which brighten up my everyday life and I’m also still in contact with some of the EVS-girls I met on my on-arrival-training in Bradford.

Of course there are some times when you miss all your friends and family back home but I’m looking forward to visit them soon in Stuttgart. They are also very happy seeing all my photos and knowing about all the experiences I make.

During my work in our NIP office I experience how it is to organize and plan international projects and youth work in general. This shall help me to decide what I want to study in the future as well as it improves my skills and gives me kind of a routine with different office tasks.

I enjoy doing paperwork and then after all the planning see that it was worth the effort when everyone has fun on the youth exchange. So all in all I’m really looking forward to the rest of my EVS.