EVS Diary: Marko

My first impressions about EVS in UK are very amusing. I have never been in UK before, so that makes everything more interesting. My project is based in the NewEcclesHallSchool, which is about 20 miles from Norwich city and I do a lot of positive and creative things with a pupils. Even it is positive and creative, that kind of job is very responsible and it is not for everyone. I am very honest.

Because it is Hall school, there are children from 6 to 17 years old. That diversity makes every day more interesting: more than one hundred pupils, different classes, beautiful energy, a lot of smart or funny averments, necessarily wearing suits etc.

It is a challenge but also a big pleasure in the same time. Children`s energy gives you a big satisfaction for a lot of things. Concretely, I am education assistant on many classes and I have several duties every working day: Helping teachers on classes, to be and to teach children with special needs, do creative workshops etc.  Maths, English, art and design, geography, history, life skills and a lot of other subjects are our lifestyle. Further, there are other maybe more attractive classes like shooting (which I mostly prefer), playing games like hockey, swimming, rugby, chess and other sports, exploring the wood and have fun with squirrels, rabbits, foxes, pheasants, deer…

Teachers and all stuff are very friendly and I have learned a lot of them: How to teach, which is the best way to have children`s attention, safe and security policy in school, rights and duties of pupils and rights and duties of teachers. Also, I have the best German colleague with me. Her name is Birthe, and she do the same EVS project with me in the school.

For weekends I really enjoy to travel around England or to come to Norwich city. That is the best way to meet some new friends and learn more about English culture and sights. I am glad that I have met other EVS volunteers from NIP and locals from Norwich and they are soooo friendly.

Also I want to say that I am very thankful for everything what I saw, learned and explore here for very short time.