End of EVS

Our EVS volunteer Elena has finished her project and now she is going back to Spain. Have a look at her final report about the experience and contact us if you want to do an EVS abroad!

“After six months in Norwich, I have completed my project. Time has gone fast, mainly because I am enjoying the city of Norwich and the Norfolk county, which offers a lot of free-time opportunities, and also the activities with Norfolk Youth Projects.

foto de Norfolk Youth Projects.

Now I consider the objectives I have set at the beginning of my project. I wanted it to be a life-changing period in my life, fruitful for my personal and professional future. I think I have made the most of this opportunity, because I have developed new skills and competences that will help me from now on in every aspect of my life, such as time management, work with children and people from other backgrounds, use of English in my professional and daily life, and many more.

Although the activities with Norfolk Youth Projects have been the most rewarding ones, they have not been the only source of learning. The on-arrival and mid-term training, the Youthpass writing and the feedback to my sending organisation, Ayutamiento de Alzira, have also been a good way of self-assessment.

I think the results of my contribution to NYP are positive, updating on a day-to-day basis the website and the Facebook page, essential for the people to know about Norfolk Youth Projects and thus having the chance of involving a greater part of the local community“.

Elena Castillo